panel check

can someone tell me what they think about this panel…
I do appreciate your time.




100_4712 (Small).JPG

Seriously? It looks like crap IMO.

That S-cord should not be in there, and where is the neutral?
What are those two separate #2THHN’s? GEC’s?

Where is that SO cord going?
It might be legal but it is not likely

This is manf. home panel. is this a normal looking panel for that type of dwelling?
I am lost on the S cord.

And what is the #2THHN’s? GEC? (excuse my ignorance!)
trying to learn.

I think for your purposes, recomending professional evaluation is in order. We can probably do some guessing about what is going on but the best guess will involve a handyman/homeowner who should have called an electrician.

Howdy Sir,

I agree this needs to be evaluated, As greg stated we can probably guess alot of things but I do not believe it should be in the raceway the way it is…now chances are their is a panel outside the mobile home and the main disconnect is probably there ( guessing again ) because if it is NOT…then this SO cord should not be within the raceway.

Also it appears the " Grounded" conductor is run outside the raceway…that would be a problem…without going into code…

So based on what I see in the picture you have EGC’s on the left side buss and Grounded conductors on the right side buss…so if this is a SUB-PANEL then it is also wrong because I believe in the image someone did a WHITE jumper between the isolated bar on the FAR right and the smaller bar on the right of the OCPD locations…would tell me it is no longer isolated.

Yes…have it evaluated and leave the comments to the minimal things you see and defer…defer…defer…something smells on this installation.

There was no other panel we could find…

thanks so much for the help.
If all else fails, DEFER! :slight_smile:

hmmmm…anyone also notice that OCPD is broken…yep the RED one is CRAPOLA…needs replacement ASAP…the act that caused that could very well cause it to NOT do it’s job.

I will PM you with a list of defects to defer…thats my job…:slight_smile:

Sometimes what we see in a picture may be contorted by the photo. Then a list is put together and the HI presents it and looks like …!!!
Just put down that it needs attention by a qualified electrician

I look at it and send him the list of some real biggies…talked on the phone about it and the major issues should be defered and the EC will take it from there.

The SO cord is not legal for the application. The job is generally sloppy. Amateur job calling for further evaluation by a licensed electrician. Call out the SO cord, and recommend further evaluation.

I would be willing to bet that the “SO” cord goes to a generator that they are backfeeding the panel with.