Panel configuration

There is a lot going on in this panel, but I had 3 topics I could use some help with.

This panel appears to have an unsecured 70A backfed breaker at the top left. The diagram was attached to the left side of the cabinet interior and is blocked by lots of wires.

Does this breaker feed the entire panel or only the upper portion? The drop from a 200A service, to a 150A panel, to a 70A backfed main seems has me questioning this configuration.

When I’ve seen these in the past the opposite position is usually open to prevent overloading the stab. In this case, there is a 50A breaker for the range in that location.

Does anyone know the amp limit on the stab for this panel?

I didn’t locate a bonding screw for the panel, but this open hole on the center of the neutral and ground bars seems like it may be missing.

That is a split bus panel where the service entrance conductors feed the top six 2-pole breaker slots. The 70 amp CB is not back-fed it is feeding the lower portion of the panel. Guessing for a Square D QO panel each stab is probably rated for about 100 amps.


Thanks Robert! Looks like that 50A at the top right would be much better in the open location further down the panel.

Quite possibly yes if the 70 and the 50 on the same stabs exceeded the maximum current rating for a single stab.


Yup, Nate, Robert has you covered! :smile:


Robert have you ever heard of Just Answer! It a messaging or a phone call help line that has specialists waiting for a question in there field of knowledge. I have used it a few times at $30 a call, I don’t know what there specialists get paid but you should be one of those specialists, anyways you are very helpful and detailed, I look forward to your posts

I’ll take a look at it thanks, but for now I’m happy to hang around here and help when I can. :sunglasses: