Panel Cover

The original panel cover was wood. The seller replaced it with this cover. The cover does not have a door and there is a gap above the top breakers. Also he had to redrill holes to get it to fit leaving open holes in the cover. I did a reinspect and would like to writ that is is an improper cover and should be changed. Panel is in the garage. Help!!




Write up what you see, that is your job. Include the pictures in the report. You do not have to supply resolutions to the issues at hand, just report the current condition. You are acting as an inspector not a contractor.

“The remote distribution panel replacement cover on the garage wall is ill-fitting with gaps around the edges as well as the breakers. This likely results in the loss of any UL listing of the panel as well as a fire separation wall deficiency. I recommend replacing the panel cover with one specifically designed for the panel or, at least, fire caulk around the perimeter of the one installed. Consult with a qualified, licensed electrician for further inspection and repair.”

Chances are that was an older fuse box that was converted to breakers. I the cover was not made for the box then the box uses its UL rating. Also the bus bars and breakers also loose their UL rating, as they are not approved to be installed in that box. The entire box needs to be replaced.

Nice try but cannot be considered acceptable. However, I would not personally tell them HOW to correct it - at least in writing.