Panel feed issue

What is the correct term for this issue ?
They only have one hot and fed both sides of the main panel with it.



Just out of view is the junction box where all the old cloth covered wires are spliced into the panels (2 flat)
Second floor tenant asked me why the appliances were always tripping in the kitchen.:slight_smile:

They had extension cords all over the place.

The very short answer is wrong and needs to be fixed. You have the improper color conductor along with the double tap.

My first reaction is WOW, pure hack work. The panel on the right seems to have 4 CB’s but only two neutrals which means that they could both be severely overloaded. I would suggest a rip apart and start over. :roll:

he he …thanks.
Now what is the correct term for when they loop back the feed conductor onto the main CB ?
Defiantly overloaded.
Lots of wire mold with no backing either.
Told him Electric needed lots of work.

Sometimes it makes more sense to refer to it as an “improper” or “unprofessional installation” rather than trying to explain it in detail. Let the electrician sort it out.

I agree. We couldn’t see very much detail from the photo’s but it appears that there are potentially many serious violations to deal with.

Defiantly however I always use as much detail as possible.
(just the way I do it)
You should see the garage structure as the top plate is bulging from the addition of an overhang attached to the rafter tails and causing stud lean at both sides.
I actually document a Carpenter is needed to make repairs and investigate the cause if possible IMO.
Yes beyond SOP at times but I am not a minimum type inspector.

Already mentioned, “wrong”, “improper”.

There may be, I’m not aware of a “correct” electrical term.

I’m sure you can get creative. “Incorrect feed back loop at main CB” :smiley:

Ha hah
I figured there must be a common term but I guess it is uncommon.

No idea what happened to the other feed.
Has two meters at back with both spinning

I was a little distracted under the porch for obvious reasons…:slight_smile:

Yes …checkout the window trim for a clue as to the cause.



Is this an investor special?

rental 2 flat plus typical 3rd in basement .
So you guys wonder why my reports are long?

I get lots of older 2 flats and they all need extensive work which I document though I often wish I could make a one page report with the words.