Panel I haven't seen before

Can anyone comment on this panel box? It says 50amp but there is also a 100 on it. I really can’t tell what it is and hoped someone would have some thoughts on it. The house was built in 1952. The meter is rated to 200 amps but I can’t see the size of the wire entering the panel from the meter Aulden

lundell panel.jpg

It is a Pushmatic. There’s a big thread going on those here right now

BullDog about 1950-60ish. They were installed during the transition era from knob and tube. They were not very well thought of. Your picture is the best condition that I have ever seen.
Sorry but I can’t post my pictures but mine says 100 amp.

What kind of thread? Where?

I had one in my last home and never had trouble with it it is still going strong .
You where able to still buy new breakers in Kitchener the last I herd very expensive.
Roy Cooke

I’ve been told that most of the panels at the local airport (ORD) are Pushmantics, and they are doing fine.