Panel main rating

Do you guys report on the main breaker rating of the panel and the main breaker installed?

If so, what do you report if the main panel breaker rating space is not filled in? I come across this fairly often.

If you don’t, why not?


I report the house service amperage because I’m required to by my state’s SOP. I don’t report the presence or absence of a main breaker unless a main is required and not provided.

Don’t know what you mean concerning the “rating space is not filled in”.

Inside the breaker access cover there is a space on some panels on their placard (Square D) to write in the panels main breaker rating.

On every breaker I’ve ever seen, it was very apparent as to its rating. I wouldn’t be concerned if that wasn’t written down somewhere. The panel data plate also specifies the maximum rating for the panel. So, no, I do not report if someone didn’t write down the amperage of the main breaker.

(All branch circuits must be labeled, however.)

OK Joe,

The panel data plate will sometimes be blank where the maximum breaker size allowed is. How do I know if the panel is rated for the breaker used if the data plate is not filled in?

Branch circuits, I know code currently says they are to be identified, but on older homes, they are almost never fully identified. How would you report that?

I don’t confirm that the appropriate main breaker is in the panel. (I guess if I saw small guage service entrance conductors and a 200 amp main, I’d get curious, but I’ve never noticed such a thing.) Perhaps I should start doing so. Will wait and see the other posts.

Regarding branch circuits, no matter the age of the home I simply say: “Various circuits within the panel are not labeled but should be, so that the appropriate load calculations and breaker sizes can be determined.”

Thanks Joe,

Good info, I will also wait to see what other posts come in.


The panel data label identifies the amperage rating of the panel.

The disconnect amperage rating should be cast into or marked on the disconnect handle.

The service conductors sometimes have the rating marked on them. Half the time they don’t and I have a set of plastic guages that are not perfectly accurate since conductor sizes have shrunk over the years, but they get me within the comfort zone.

I describe the amperage rating for each component and describe any defective condition I find. If I’m unable to determine the rating of any component due to missing information, that’s what I report.