Panel Question

If panels are so close together are they considered to be one item ?
The reason I am asking is that in this case (see pictures) the grounded conductor and grounding conductor from the service panel to the sub panel are not separated.

Thank you

Picture 195 (Small).jpg

The way I look at it is: If the neutral were isolated from the sub-panel, then there would be little likelyhood of the sub-panel enclosure becoming hot. With the neutral bonded to the sub-panel enclosure, a loose neutral connection in the main panel or the sub-panel could energize the sub-panel enclosure. Imagine that happening and you find yourself with one hand on the main panel door and one hand on the sub-panel door.

Jim King

NO, not at all.

That install is not at all compliant. That IS a sub-panel within/on the same structure, even though it is only 1/2" away.
That should have been fed by a 4-wire feeder and the gorunds and neutrals kept separate.