Panel recommends tougher radon standards in Canada.

Thank you Nick!

This I think was just a matter of time. The radon level acceptability in this country is far higher than anywhere else. Get on the Radon band wagon folks.

I have yet to be asked for a Radon test. Could this be over hyped much like mould concerns, asbestos, Uffi? Will insurance companies now refuse coverage without such a test, much like oil tanks, woodstoves, 60 amp service…?

I have done three or four for Americans moving to Canada .
The Port Hope has high reading from a plant that gave away free fill for many years and now the town does it for all homes in town. Had no call from any one else to do them yet .
This could be a good thing to keep on top of . Roy Cooke sr.

Just as Raymond, I have beeen offering Radon testing for over ten years and have yet to be asked to do one. I think it’s way overblown.

Agreed Wolf.

Not being asked to perform a radon test has absolutely no correlation to the health affects of radon.

It could in fact be a very serious health matter with little awareness.

There is also the other side of the coin such as UFFI, lots of awareness with little health concern. With Little or no impact on health today yet still included as a standard clause in every real estate transaction.

As current scientific research indicates that there is a real concern with radon exposure I will continue to offer testing for it as an ancillary service.

I think there is a correlation with requests for Radon Testing and health affects. Why? Because people a) don’t want to spend the extra money, b) as with IAQ issues they don’t want to spend the money, c) as with Asbestos many people do not have it labaratory tested, d) many people are unaware of the Radon problem and that the problem may exist in certain areas whereas other areas have low or zero readings.

As to UFFI, it will only off gas if it becomes wet. I have had two homes with it in, and never had any affects.

Just like Zonolite has been overblown if used in an attic.

Sorry I don’t see people even if they do test for Radon and have a high reading doing the necessary remediation or associated costs.

Lets face it folks thanks to modern science we as a populace have become so concerned, paranoid, that we are in affect reducing our bodies natural immune system. We have lived with mould since day 1 on earth, only in the last 20 years or so has it become a overhyped cocnern in many cases. Ditto wearing disposible gloves by food prep people, remember no one ever wore gloves in food prep at the pastry shop and handled money at the same time. There is now a theory that we are reducing the bodies natural ability to fend off germs, bacterias, viruses because we are too clean.

Just my theory, based on reading materials…

Raymond, points a) through d) are based on perception, thus whether or not they want a radon test. None of those points address the true health impact. I still don’t see the correlation.

I agree. … somewhat. With regards to general bacteria and the like, yes. Were are a bit too clean sometimes. Children who grow up on farms (esp. pig farms) tend to have better immune systems. However, there are many substances, mainly chemicals that were developed in the last 70 years, that are affecting our health. Evolution takes tens of thousands of years. We simply have not had the time to adapt.

Now back to radon. It has only been relatively recently, in the pursuit of energy conservation, that we have been sealing up our home and work indoor environments. The good old cave man never never had such an air tight environment. Nor did he spend the nearly the same amount of time in it either. We have created these bubbles of artificial environments - but are they healthy?

Ray, If you do ever have a client wanting radon testing by all means you can on me. :wink:

p.s. When I see some of the people preparing my food , :ack!: I still want them to wear gloves