Panel Size

This is a Murray split panel installed in 1982. The middle breaker on the right is 60 amps and feeds the lower section labeled sub panel. The two breakers at the top are for the Range and HVAC. As you can see, 5 throws will kill the power but I don’t know what the panel is rated at.



Hi Gary,

without the UL listing information it is hard to tell, however, given its physical size and capacity I doubt that it was rated for less than 125-150 amps.

What size was the SEC?



Can you read the size of the conductors going to the main lugs? That will give you a pretty good clue, in your case.

Thanks Jerry and Marc. I did not read them because at a glance the SEC looked sufficient. I have to go back when the power is on to finish the inspection. If the conductors are #2 copper would you call the panel out as 125 amp? The panel has no tags.

Is it just me but that looks larger than that…let me zoom in on the letters…

Ok…I zoomed in on the image and you are not going to believe this but it appears to be…yes hold your mouth fellas…250 MCM Compact I believe( old back before they started calling it KCMil )

Ok…here is what I believe…are you ready.

They ran 250 AL MCM ( KcMil ) and they had no idea of 310.15(B)(6)…so they used 310.16 and 250 AL MCM ( KcMil) at 75 degree’s is good for 205A…and based on the size of the meter ( dont always use it but remember my video…it can assist you in sizing for confirmation )…I believe this to be a 200A panel…

I could be wrong…but thats my opinion based on wat i see…


Gary, your glasses can’t protect your eyes from on top of the meter base…:stuck_out_tongue: