Panel Surround / Exposed Wiring Question

This panel is located behind a “dedicated” wood door. I know the maximum plaster gap at the side of a flush mount panel is 1/4", but because this panel’s cover is flush with the panel sides (e.g., no overlap), is it a flush mount panel? Does it matter? Either way, it appears unorthodox to me and I was hoping for advice on whether (or not) to call this out. Thanks very much.

February 17_2008 Pictures 065.jpg

What you show is essentially a legal installation, save for the fact that the romexes don’t appear to be secured within 12" of the panel. That’s not really something I’d fuss too much about since I’d be hard pressed to say what special hazard it presents as it is.

Thanks, Marc. I appreciate it.

Tim Hance

Sure beats this one…(it looked nice in the room though.)


You’re welcome.

We could split frog hairs here, talking about working space, and mention that the panel frontal plane appears to be maybe 2" inside the recessed area and how the bottom door stop appears to be maybe 2" higher than the bottom edge of the panel. Technically, if a guy wanted show how much of a prick he was, he could point out that these are technical problems. I sure wouldn’t worry about it myself.

For the record, a 100% compliant installation like you picture would have the face of the panel completely flush with the wall plane when that cupboard door is open, and the opening would be at least as big as the entire panel cover. Me personally, I don’t think an inch or two is worth the fuss, since it looks like you can work in the panel just fine and get to all the cover screws just fine as well.

That second picture the other fella posted is a genuine problem, because it appears you can’t even get to the panel screws without prying off the trim. That’s a pretty big deal, in my book.

But it looks pretty…:stuck_out_tongue:

It did look nice. But there was no way to get the panel cover off without tearing out the trim.

That’s exactly what I would of written it up as…

How about those damn panels you look everywhere for and then finally locate it under some big picture.

I found one under a boar’s head mount one time in rec room. That was a little weird.

Marc you think a little trim is a big deal how about removing the kitchen cabinets to remove the dead front???:frowning:

While we are on the subject of removing deadfronts,

I’d didn’t have to remove a single screw on this panel. I could see right through it and I had the ability to observe all issues…

“Click to enlarge”

It’s the new APPLE MacIntosh “I-Panel” - its very user-friendly!!:wink: