Panel wiring neutral bond?

Florida home built in 2007, You have two ground bars, and two neutral bars, the two neutral bars are connected with a bar, but could not see a green bonding screw bonding the neutral bus. I did see two green bonding screws about an inch away from the neutral bus with a copper hanger that was not connecting anything, how could the neutral be bonded?


If that’s not service equipment then it isn’t supposed to be bonded.


Neutrals are only bonded at the main service
panels, not the distribution panel you have pictured. That being the box where you shut off the entire house and where a meter (spinning) is generally mounted… Seek out a qualified electrician to help explain things… as these are basic electrical issues that need further clarification on your part.

I did not see an electrical cut-off switch in the house, I was looking for it, but did not find it. I tried to find any other electrical panels in the house, but did not see anything.

Did you look outside at the meter?

Yeah there were three boxes, two of them had the power company latch lock on it, and the other had brackets and bolts holding it together and were really rusty and was afraid to take it off to look and break the the latches or bolts.

The box without the POCO lock is most likely where the service disconnect is located. Any photos at exterior?