Panelboard in childs bedroom

Evening all. I was in a home today that had the electrical panelboard in a child’s bedroom. This doesn’t seem right to me. I’ve checked NEC and can’t find any restrictions. Does anyone no of anything that might restrict a panelbox from being located in a bedroom? It just ain’t right.

Charles, I know of no restriction that would prohibit a panel in a bedroom, only in a closet




Having taken part in building a few houses, I’ve never seen on any plans “Children’s Bedroom”.


As long as you don’t also find a screwdriver in that child’s room, no hazard exists. :mrgreen:

In all seriousness, why does this concern you so?

Gene pool needs some filtering.

j/k, I have to have double locking outlet caps with my 5 year old.


Kids will be kids and find things you can not protect them from every thing . Some times no matter how hard you try they win.
I remember my first daughter got a paper clip 5 years old played with it till she had it in a u and unpluged the TV stuck in the paper clip a pretty little u in two fingers.
50 years later she still remembers… Cookie

As long as it is not in a closet or bathroom, nothing has any bearing on being in a kids room at all.

I used to use bobby pins Roy. :wink: I have a better memory of playing with razor blades though.:frowning:

I polarity checked outets with a fingernail file when I was a toddler. I figured out the short slot would “bite me” long before I knew what electricity was.

I guess boomers are lucky to be alive but I do think we grew up a bit smarter than these styrofoam wrapped, seat belted, helmeted, child proof cap, “protected in every way” kids in the post-CPSC days.
I think that is part of this whole “x games” generation where kids are purposely doing the dumbest things possible to seek a thrill.

Dang…you mean they HAD electricity in Florida when you were little Greg…thehehehe…:wink:

I was in Southern Md in those days

lol…yeah I think MD had electricity in those days :wink: