Panels and Inspections


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The above panels were chosen for a quick inspection paper. One panel that still has the dead front was a panel Irecently built out for an ULTA store in Cape Coral, Florida. The others were panels chosen from online images with quit e a few obvious discrepancies. These discrepancies include a lack of bonding bushing on the sevice entrance cables, missing connectors on romex cables entering the panels, signs of arcing and signs of rust and decaying of the insulation on various wires Also noted were the lack of a green bonding screw , general lackadaisical routing of wires , and several missing KO seals. The panels with these problems would need to be pointed out to the owners and several of these problems would absolutely fail most types of inspections and would never pass as code without being reworked and or replaced by a properly authorized and certified electrician…

Thank you Ed Tennyson

Ed, home inspections don’t pass or fail or codes.

Just curious why you would need a bonding bushing on SE cables? SE cable connectors do not require any bushings.

All bond screws may not be green. While there are problems in those panels ,not everything listed is an issue.

Edward might be referring to the main bonding jumper which is required to be green if it’s a screw. {250.28(B)}

I can’t tell the vintage of the panel and remember older panels where the screw was not green.