Panorama with Tools +

Nothing too fancy, but had a few pics and was surprised how easy it was to stitch panoramas together with Flir Tools +

I’m finding Tools+ easier to use to output reports vs Report (just one humble opinion) … I can select bunches of groups of pics and plug them into one of my templates for an Infrared Inspection Report…

Do you have a panorama setting on your thermal imager?

nope, no panorama on t420

What lens are you using?

That’s just the standard 25 lens on there

You have to use a standard lens for panoramic, wide angle doesn’t work.

Tim how many images did you put together?

Great shot Tim!


8 Images. I simply had camera on tripod, and panned from left to right, leaving what I thought was enough overlap. I probably only needed 4-5 or so.

Processing the image in Tools+ was almost effortless.

Good job Tim Those are great images.
Our new site coming very soon will have ir and digital scroll.

Yeah FLIR Tools + is the real deal and amazing. Did you get the upgrade for free Tim since you already had reporter, or did you have to pay for it?

Very nice…

Have been “stitching” for years. Larry Kage got me started… :wink:

This process can make your I3 into a million x million pixel camera!
(But you still don’t have the sensitivity)

Anyone see at least two significant anomalies in the scans?

Yep, upgraded via a link from Flir, I think it was for 8.5/9 purchasers (recent) as Tools+ is replacing it…

Here is another FLIR Tools + stitched image I saw on another board.

10 images to create it. Taken with a T640.

I can see spot on left side of right hand of two homes. Probably solar load?

Jason? Or anyone else?

These are pics modified from the original scan that Tim and I discussed by email.

Not that they are in fact problems but are exceptions that should maybe be considered.

Rather amazing that these small temperature differences can be pulled out from this distance. Stitching is a great tool!

I’ll let you guys hash over them and see what you come up with.

How about the neighbor…

If you run your camera in “Auto”, there is no way of seeing these types of things is there?

This is why Building Applications requires Building Cameras. Try this with an electricians camera.

I think this is a Flir T 420 with a FOL 18 lens.

Just add a little computer tuning…