Pantry in Garage

Found this in the garage, it is built in pantry. House is new, this is the first owner. The wall is fire rated, the door is solid core, but not self closing. Anyone have wall thought about this arrangement?


Is it only for a ‘little person’ with a step stool?

LOL! Inside it is approx. 8ft.

No such thing as a self closing door around here. (Meaning the interior garage doors don’t self close in this part of the woods.)

So no concern.

We do not need self closing doors here also. Is there another door on the inside to this room?

Great idea! Groceries to pantry. No carrying through the house!

Other than a self-closure device, I would also suggest a CO alarm installed in the pantry… safety first!

Ah, yes…that makes perfect sense.


No, other door.

Buck, I am glad someone is doing inspections here in KC; most other inspectors, Dan, myself, are doing zero.

That doesn’t make sense Buck, especially as I can see a light switch on the farthest wall.




Now I am not sure about the no other door. I was there to set a radon monitor, I do the complete inspection today. I bet there is another door?

Good eye!



Here are photos of the other door for the pantry.