paper vs software ?

What is generally the norm ? Inspection reports on paper or the inspection software ?

Trick question. There is no distinction for which to offer an answer.

No more Paper.
Order taken with ISN software, inspection with Mobile app on a tablet, synced to laptop then emailed

That’s NOT the norm in my area.

Maybe not the norm like Jeffery said who knows. My opinion is this. If your hand righting your report and not including pics people like me may put you out of business. :wink:

I’d guestimate that less than 5% of inspectors still use paper.

Paper = Dinosaur

And if anybody wants to buy some of the Matrix Deluxe Reports, I have a bunch left from 2005. They cost something like $13 a set now with the tabs. I’ll sell them for $5 a set.

To clarify:

  1. 4-part preprinted checklist forms (paper)

  2. Software generated and printed (paper)

  3. Software generated and emailed (digital)

  4. Other

“Paper is always best with signatures in blue ink.”----my local attorney.

Do you print out your reports? That would classify as “paper”, would it not?

In my area, there are still inspectors using the 4-part forms, some are printing out from software and placing in binders, and others like me who are digital but print if requested.

I have seen recently 4-part carbon copy HI reports, reports written on plain paper, reports with 3 pages of check marks, etc.

It must all be up to the RE offices and the brokers who run them to scan the qualifications of HI’s who do business with their clients, set the bar high for reports, and not accept “payments” to be on vendor lists.

A local TV investigator is now thinking about writing a story about this subject, but is afraid due to lost TV advertising revenue from RE offices.

Consumers must be aware of these RE offices who promote these basic, say-nothing HI’s, and tradespeople that are being recommended by REA’s in these offices who have no experience whatsoever.

It is time for the REA companies to up their office practices, not only for their liability, but for the betterment of their clients and home buyers.

Hardcopy only if requested.

If you generate a beautiful, robust report and you want more inspection business… print it off more than one copy on paper in full color. Your client will give two copies to his/her agent who will give one to the seller’s agent who will leave it on her desk at work where other agents … You get the idea. You want as many people as possible seeing your work product.