Parallel Inspections in Phoenix, Arizona

Whole Home Inspections, LLC (located in Phoenix, Arizona) currently has an opening for a new inspector to complete their state required 30 parallel inspections. If you would like more details please contact us at 602-317-8771 or

Attention Arizona Home Inspectors (This is for you & is important please read):
On August 4th of 2018 the AZ BRT made some changes, following is one of those changes. I’ve been an Arizona Certified (licensed) Inspector for over 3 years and have been offering Parallel Inspections. I will no longer be able to do this per this new change. If you have been offering Parallels and have been Certified for over 5 years there are also some additional expectations you should know about.

R4-30-102. Home Inspection Definitions

  1. “Parallel Inspection” means a home inspection completed by an applicant during the application process that is supervised by a certified home inspector acting as the Parallel Inspector, in the presence of no more than three other applicants. The applicant shall produce a written report for each Parallel Inspection, which the supervising certified home inspector, serving as the Parallel Inspector, shall review, analyze, correct, and return to the applicant within 10 calendar days after receiving the written report. The Parallel Inspector shall notate and instruct the applicant so that each report meets the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors. The applicant shall not perform any fee-paid Home Inspections during this Parallel Inspection period.
  2. “Parallel Inspector” means an Arizona Certified Home Inspector who performs parallel inspections for a home inspector applicant so that the applicant can obtain a certification to conduct home inspections. A Parallel Inspector shall be in good standing with the Board and shall not have received any disciplinary action from the Board within the preceding three years. The Parallel Inspector shall have been continuously certified by the Board as a Home Inspector for at least five years and shall have conducted at least 250 fee-paid home inspections in the State of Arizona. The Applicant shall provide a signed Affidavit from the Parallel Inspector affirming that the Parallel Inspector has met this criteria to the Board with the application for certification

Parallel Inspector Affidavit | Arizona State Board of Technical Registration (page 14)

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Will you do parallel inspections as of August 2020? I will be taking the NHIE July 29. I have been unable to obtain any inspections yet. Thank you.

Hi Adam,
I’m currently offering parallel inspections and would be able to do them whenever you are ready. Feel free to call me tomorrow if you have any questions.

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Sorry, I just realized I never updated this post. I’m offering Parallel inspections again, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Whole Home Inspections, LLC

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Great . I’ll contact you today.

Hi David,
Are you still offering Parallel Inspections? (928) 219-9646 txt only

John, try this, too:

Contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring or hiring.

Here is the link for CMIs: Find a Certified Master Inspector®

And the link for CPIs: Find Certified Home Inspectors Near You - InterNACHI®

And Mentors: and

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at for specific questions e.g. 15 Steps to Become a Successful Home Inspector - InterNACHI® and InterNACHI® Master Class for Home Inspectors .

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Nice. Good work.

Thank you for the help! This is great!