Parallel service conductor?

As a newer home inspector. I was practicing at my sister’s house in Arkansas. I found that her service panel. In the upstairs closet. Yes. I know they should not be in a closet. Had parallel service conductors providing the power to the sub panel. Talking to a electrician in Arkansas. He said that that was acceptable method at the time. The house was built. He said that you see this all over in Arkansa. Just wondering if anybody else has seen this?

A number of common issues in that panel. For starters, if this is a service panel, where is the main disconnect? is it being back-fed?

I-T-E 125 Max panel board.
Service or sub?
Sub/remote enclosure downstream should be fed from a breaker/disconnect.

ITE was purchased by Gould in 1976. B: Then purchase from Gould by Siemens USA in 1983. Siemens ever since.
1: Vintage inclosure and equipment.
2: Non recommended breaker, Square D in I-T-E/Siemens enclosure.
3: Old Original OCPD’s.
4: Double lugging. Various circuits throughout.
5: Cable under the power bus.
6: Unprotected abandoned circuit cable in the enclosure.
7: Missing knockout bushing.
Observation: Poor workmanship.
Recommend review and improvements by a licensed electrical contractor.

Hopefully Robert M will pass by.

Number of issues for sure.
What year is this panel ?