Paranoia or Privacy?

I think being a privacy advocate is a worthy position for a home inspector, especially in today’s world, what say you?

Google’s deal for Nest turns off fans of ‘smart’ thermostat

Interesting research would be how many of the same Hipsters protested the Smart meters.
One is voluntary.

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Google once lived by the motto “don’t be evil”](’t_be_evil)

I guess that’s out the window when they pay billions for the equivalent of the Apple thermostat.

Nothing evil.
All the cool widgets and gadgets need to be paid for and are not pulled out of Googles azz.

Just like with TV ads or commercials that we all grew up with revenue must be generated.

This post is a thinly veiled jab at Nates free version of Recall Check and his mentoring services like we see with Billy’s recent marketing exploits or the videos Nate is producing.

How does he pay for all this and drive a car or fly a plane us mere mortals only dream about and how does Google have a gigantic work campus is the question.Hmmm must pull it from their azzes ?

I think not.

You either pay for a widget,gadget,service,product,food at full price or you make a decision to share / lose your privacy in trade.

The only reason to object is when you lose that choice.

Smart meters are evil.

Google and Nate not as much.:twisted:


Did the NSA pay you for your post? :wink:

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Client privacy is integral to my business model but more importantly it allows me to treat my clients and anyone associated with the real estate transaction in the very same manner in which I would like to be treated by others.

Furthermore it conveys a level of respect which is unattainable by those whose primary motivation is to extract the maximum amount of profit from every client.

I may be old fashioned and overly concerned, but I will never share my clients personal information with any third parties. Going one step further… I am not an agent/salesman for any other company, all of the services I sell, I alone create. I control quality at Square-One Inspection Service by never diluting my services with other peoples products.

At Square-One Inspection Service… Your data is safe.

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Gimmick purveyors will likely not agree but I do Joe.

Google has never misrepresented its products in an attempt to gain private information about home buyers like Thornberry has. In that regard, Google would be less evil, IMO.

Google has a privacy policy & has that policy linked to their homepage.

Google is transparent in explaining EXACTLY what they do with & how they use client information.

Nathan’s company, Residential Warranty Services, which I believe all his other companies operate under, does NOT have a privacy statement posted & there for it is an unknown as to what RWS does with & how they use the client information they collect.

Nathan, Please post a privacy statement on your homepage at

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It is not posted for one simple reason… this allows him to change and modify it for any reason, at any time, on a whim!

Dumbass?? LOL, must have hit a nerve. LOL

Why is it that RWS is the company named in your statement you require Inspectors to add to their PIA to participate in your Alarm lead program?

Is RWS the parent company of your Recall check company?

Is your Recall check company a completely separate entity from RWS?

Or is this all none of my damn business? If it is none of my business, we then will all know the answers to the questions above.

Thanks in advance Nathan. :smiley:

I thinks it’s not posted because he doesn’t have one.

I’m referring to RWS, his parent company.

Well, there’s always that. I was giving him the benefit of doubt.

Inspectors who sell their clients’ private information to Thornberry agree that it becomes the property of RWS, Inc. Your questions are relevant and his diversions are typically crooked and dishonest.

Don’t fear google,fear your fridge

Watch out you might have one of these take over. LOL