partial flat roof inspection

excessive cracking of sealant observed in multiple locations along the perimeter parapet wall (flat roof). Further evaluation from a qualified professional recommended. Attention recommended, failure to correct observed conditions may result in damage to the structure and it’s systems. any recomendations for a qualified professional should be handled before the close of escrow.


Those pictures are good but IMO you need some pictures from further away. And as for recommending further evaluation?? Really??

The only “evaluation” needed on that roof is to determine how much it will cost to replace yesterday.

I’d lose the “before close of escrow” on comments. None of your business who pays to fix it. For all you know, the building was purchased as-is, or the roof age/condition was disclosed. Just recommend it be repaired or replaced.

Agreed, it needs repair, by a qualified contractor. Not “will need repair”, needs repair now. No evaluation, needed here, you did that its bad.

I recommend evaluation for repair/replacement. If a contractor states an opposing view, then it is his monkey.


Multiple components of the structures flat roof system have failed. Imminent repair and/or replacement is necessary. A qualified, licensed, Roofing contractor should be consulted for estimates and repair/replacement. Failure to repair the flat roof system in a timely manner may result in extensive damage to the structure and personal possessions, as well as increased and exorbitant repair costs.

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