Partial Re-Roofs Wind Mit Question

Recent inspection where the front 50% of roof was replaced in 2013. The rear 50% was replaced in 2008. Finaled permits for both installations. I marked “D” on section 2 of the wind mitigation report due to the partial installs and supplied a comment explaining the partial replacements. My reasoning was I couldn’t be certain about the extent of each re-roof. Naturally the client is getting the screws put to him by the insurance underwriter. Anyone else run into this and handled it differently?? Thanks in advance

Glad I am not in your shoes especially if they have both times the guy was there permitted. But how would you know exactally what was doen each time unless it was obvious?

How did the owner explain his reasoning for doing what sounds like a 1/2 roof each time.

Sounds more like a roof that has been repaired a few times or more… Good luck. Let us know what happens.

I see it all the time with flat and sloped roofs being done at different times and I accept those as long as permitted and passed.

There would be no reason to select D. Both roofs are permitted and FBC. Correct selection would be A.

Thank you for the input guys, I appreciate it as always.

What Brad said

Ok how about a twist. Had a roof recently that was replaced after Hurricane Charlie. No permit on file. Then the client build an addition in which about 40% of the roof is new.
How would you rate the roofing install?

Treat each roof covering separately, even if the same type. Try to get the roofing receipts / contracts for the non-permitted roof. There are a lot of post hurricane roofs out there without permits, and the underwriters are aware of this.

I agree with Brad on both scenarios. The roof that has permits for both installations, one in 2013 and the other in 2008, should be marked “A”. Treat them as separate roof covering and list the permit date for each. Since both are permitted after 3-1-2002 then both would meet the 2001 FBC and should be eligible for the corresponding credit.

The scenario where the roof was not permitted and then 40% replaced with a permit would be marked “D” at least one roof covering does not meet the minimum requirements. Because a portion of the roof was not permnitted it is “unknown” if it meets the requirements of the 2001 FBC.

Those are my thoughts. Hope that helps