Particulate Respirators

I’m looking for a good Particulate Respirator to wear for attic and crawlspace inspections; any suggestins on brands and companies that can supply them? Thanks!

I use the 3M 60921 and purchased it from Home Depot.


Lowes has them too.

What cartridge do you use? I’ve heard the N95 is suitable for filtering fine particulate, like insulation and rodent particles.

How fine do they grind the rodents in your area?:rofl::rofl:

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Wood chipper…it’s more fun!!

I use the same as picture above also. So far so good. Could be a bit more comfortable, but not bad.

Northern Safety & Industrial

You can find any type or brand you could ever want, along with any cartridge you may ever need.

P100 is what I use

Interesting question presented here. Be aware of #1 Why you are using the respirator and #2, should you be a multi-inspector company, you, (or the company owner) has specific OSHA based regulations on respirators including fit testing (medical) evaluation exams for wearing respirators which must be performed by medical doctors or other medical professionals qualified to do these exams and questionnaires. The cartridge utilized MUST be intended by the manufacturer for the specific purpose. The person using the respirator MUST properly inspect the device condition prior to donning the device and perform a function test before entering the environment. There is a designated proper way to remove the respirator - NO - you do not grab it by the filter cartridge. Then, you must clean the unit before it is stored for the next use, store it in a clean container and be sure to replace carts perhaps as often as every 4 hours during the day. YOUR unit is YOURS - don’t “loan” it to others or use another persons equipment. And - facial hair - even from “5 O’clock” shadow that you didn’t shave because you were in a hurry that morning may nullify your use of a respirator. So may having a cold, sneezes, runny nose, open wounds, facial swelling (maybe from a dental issue). A respirator IS NOT as simple as “You can do it - we can help” or “Lets’ build something together”. Purchase your respirator and carts from a reliable safety equipment professional supplier.