Passed inspecton

I looked at a garage build in 88 and this is their build, that was passed by the AHJ.
Standard wall framing with floor trusses ontop of the walls for a upper storage area. 2x8 rafters
2x8’s are supported mid way by a knee wall but the ends were nailed to the side of floor trusses. No direct contact with the wall.

What is your opinion?

I’m not sure I see an issue here.

If the rafters are adequate without center support the “knee wall” is irrelevant.

Larson, start over. Outer walls, floor trusses on top of the walls for attic storage
Rafters nailed into the side of the floor trusses instead of direct load bearing of the walls themselves.

What do you think???:smiley:

Here are the steps. One load support was stuck between outer webs to support the cut ones

Please explain why you think it’s an issue Fogarty.

I wonder if Joe the AHJ could tell us if that actually would meet code like this AHJ claimed it to be.

It would be an issue with me. :):wink:

Explain please.

I see problems with the stair.

And I see a problem with the rafters like Sean does. :slight_smile:

So your telling me it is acceptable to attach rafters with nails on the side vs direct placement on a structural wall??

Essentially the nails and only the nails are what is holding the rafter in place. You find this acceptable???

Thanks for being so helpful :roll:

Your not being helpful.
Please answer my question. Are nails an acceptable form of load bearing attachement for roof rafters?

If I am wrong, please show me where so I will not write it up as a repair.

I wasn’t giving you a hard time.

I see it now and agree with you.

Thank You. :slight_smile:

Since the knee wall is carrying the roof load too it’s dicy.

At a 10/12 pitch, that knee wall ain’t supporting peanuts.
The rafter is in compression and the load transfer ends up at the connection where it is nailed at the side of the ceiling joist that were picked up at the Bargain Barn Lumber Yard. :slight_smile:

It looks like the load path above the wall bearing was strengthened with six or so 2xs but it seems a rim joist would help. The stair well opening framing looks terribly inadequate. This is what I am used to:

Stair opening [640x480].PNG

Thanks Mr. Larson. Nice to see you agree with me. :smiley:

Exactly Larry.
The type of floor truss they used can be used for headers also with the proper hangers and 3/4" plywood used to accept the stringers also. :slight_smile:

Yes sir, that’s right.