Passed inspecton

You and Papas get all the fun stuff. :wink:

It’s kind of a “Rube Goldberg” approach to framing.

You had a good one yourself Cameron. ;):slight_smile:

Nice catch. I wish I got here earlier.
Whats this Michel agreed with some one???
Just kidding Michel.

Even at the eave the are no longer 2/8" but reduced to 2/4"
No hangers and nailed as far as I can see but I guess you are way beyond this by now…

Sorry I removed the post.
Question, why the tradition from 2/8" to 2/4" It is a valley, eave?
ether or it looks wrong.

It looks like an overhang extension to me, Robert.

The 2//8" rafter dimension should have been carried to the end to distribute load evenly. I guess no snow in Knoxville TN but that is wrong.

When it was being built, I would have demanded to see the truss documents that demonstrated the trusses were designed for the load. The loads imposed on the trusses are greater than typical live and dead loads.