Passed the NHIE exam today! :) my thoughts and comments

Congratulations. Welcome to the board

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Good stuff Chase, Thanks! I took the exam today and scored 440 which is 60 point below passing. A little discouraging too because I feel like I saw a lot of questions on information I have not yet come across. I too had been beating the bushes going through the InterNACHI courses and practice exam, questions, the whole nine yards and yet came up short. If you break the test up I feel like I struggled on the first half and excelled on the second half of the exam. So, you in fact didn’t have to wait that long for your post to be of good use! I’m taking a couple of days to clear my head and then I’m getting back after it. If you have any more insight you wanna pass along, feel free to do so!
Thanks and best of luck!

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Congrats, Chase!

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And, welcome to our forum Chris, Elizabeth and Wayne!..Enjoy!

And, welcome back to our forum David! :smile:

Best of luck! Stay calm take your time!

Sorry to hear that man. That’s a drag. I’m glad you found some of what I had useful information though. I think that’s a good plan. Clear your headspace a little and then get back at it. Best of luck next time.

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Thank you all for the kind words. I’m glad to be a part of the group. Now to keep going onward and upward in skill and knowledge.

I too passed my test yesterday!! I studied here for about 2 months, getting my 80 Hours of course work required and then used the practice test a lot if not everyday, brushed up a lot on my electrical and HVAC knowledge. I am a General Contractor over the last 35 years so am looking to switch careers so I breezed through the test in about an hour and a half and found that this group had all the info I needed to pass… Thanks for the course work and I will be looking for an inspector to shadow as well…even though I am a know it all Contractor I still don’t know how to do a proper inspection that I would be proud to charge someone for…

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That is great news Chris, congratulations!

Congratulations! Welcome to the newbie club with me! :smile: :+1:


Me Too! I started out to answer the question “Is my Home Making My Wife Sick”? Looked at multiple sources, and stumbled on InterNACHI. I did the Healthy Homes thing, then AC, Moisture, hit all the way around it. Before long, had about 1/2 the requirements to be “Certified”, so I took those, and was certified. Then, I thought, why not become licensed? So completed the (90) hours with what I’d already done. Took Compucram. Took the InterNACHI practice test, used the InterNACHI flash cards. Took the Prolydian sample test a few times. Then signed up. Completed the PSI exam in Oklahoma in just a little over an hour, and passed. I could not get over being a GC for close to 50 years, that I would never miss a question in structural, but it turned out to be my weak point. Electrical, which is my weak point, I was consistently hitting at 95% +. Very interesting course. Really enjoyed Ben at InterNACHI. BTW, No, my house is not making anyone sick, less about a grand in tools to satisfy me of that. I’m not doing inspections professionaly, but, retirement is in less than (2) years, who knows?

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Congratulations Joe well done and good luck. :grinning:

Thanks Scott, While I may not be a Practicing HI, I did learn a lot. I find myself using what I learned every day. I’d like to think of my self at least a half brother, or cousin to the real deal Home Inspection Family.

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1 Step at a time keep at it. :nerd_face:

Congratulations, that sounds like a snowball that just keeps growing! That’s awesome that your rabbit hole took you down such a cool path.

Best of luck to you if you decide to pursue this further.

Welcome to our forum Elizabeth!..Enjoy! :smile:

Welcome to our forum, Chris!..Enjoy! :smile:


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Thought I’d follow-up with you Chase. I took and passed my NHIE yesterday. After resisting buying the NHIE 19 Vol. 1 & 2 books, I decided to make the purchase and it definitely got me over the hump! Glad it’s behind me and I can look ahead to serving community as a Certified Home Inspector. I’ll be working alongside a 20 yr Vet in the industry starting on Monday. Have a blessed day and a great weekend!


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That fantastic Chris, way to go! It’s also great when you have someone who can show you the ropes. I know it has helped me.

Best of luck to you!

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