Passed the state exam! first try

Congratulations! Just out of curiosity, where are you? I would be interested to know what exam they used.

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I’m in Oklahoma

Congratulations, Dustin.
Wishing you all the nest with your home inspection business endeavors.
Best regards.
Robert Young

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You are so right…! “Those” questions…!! Don’t you get the feeling that “those” guys need to get out of the office and the CODE books and ‘have a happy inspector’s life’…!! :rofl::joy:.

I somehow understand their ‘purpose’, but from here on you don’t have to remember from memory all that ‘weird wording’, now you are empowered to research in a case-to-case basis and you know where to go for the right answers and knowledge…!!


Contratulations Dustin. Now you are off to adding great value and knowledge to home owners.