Passed the State Exam

Thank you Thomas. I’ve already put in for the LLC. I may be able to get insurance rolling and my license taken care of with the business name. Slowly figuring stuff out as I go.

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Don’t hesitate to ask questions. More knowledgeable folks here than many realize.

Welcome to our forum, Steven Trans!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Good Afternoon,

We are looking for a inspector to cover Lee and Collier Counties for us. Are you still looking for work?

Welcome to our forum, Brett!..Enjoy! :smile:

P…S. You might want to PM him for a faster response.

Hey Eric,

Are you still looking for work? We are needing to hire another inspector. We are based out of Manatee County.

Brett, an email or phone number may help.

Hey Larry,

Thanks for the info. Never used this platform before so I’m not exactly sure how to private message.


You’re welcome.

Click on the person’s face that you want to private message, then click on the box that says “message” and you are now in the PM area, although it looks like the forum post, it says message.

Good luck on the new inspector, Brett!

Way to grow!

Thanks Larry!

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Helpful hints for New Inspectors.pdf (230.1 KB)
Check this out…

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I enjoyed the information. I have been doing inspections in California for about a year now. And have performed close to 100 inspections. Life changes and now we are moving to Florida. Do you have any insight for a person relocating to Florida? I have completed the 120 hour InterNACHI course requirement and the wind mitigation course. I am studying now to pass the state test. Beyond that, what else does one need to be licensed and perform business in Florida? Thanks in advance.