Passed the test--any helpful tips

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I have recently passed the HI exam and have been doing research and learning more since then. I have been a Carpenter for 12 years. I have been under someone else’s leadership, worked as a sub, and owned my own small business. Any helpful tips would be appreciated before getting started as an HI.

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First, Congratulations John! Second but more importantly, join the NACHI! This organization is of the members, for the members, and by the members. Kinda corny, but true. I just recently joined and got into the HI business myself. There are a lot of knowledgable men and women in this organization. Also, understand that this is a tough business to get into and establish yourself. Believe me I know. But probably the best advice I can give (albeit from a newbie), is persistance. Meaning: persistance in learning the technical information, legal issues, and marketing, marketing, and just when you think you're done, do some more marketing. I'm sure the vets on this board can offer alot better info. than I can but always remember that if "you can supply customers with a value-added service the hardest thing to do is to let them know you are the one for the job" See, most of this is marketing! Keep us posted and good luck! I know I need it.