Passing online inspectors test

I have taken the online inspectors exam several times and seem to fail different sections each time as the test changes every time.
Is there one definitive study coarse that covers all sections of the test in one coarse?

That’s how it works. Not a test you memorize the answers. You must know your ****.

And this would be so you don’t have to learn anything more than is on the test?

Take the twelve required CPI courses, then do them again, review the article library, use the practice exam question pool, flash cards and InterNACHI practice app. You could take a classroom course offered by InterNACHI and visit the House of Horrors if you are a tactile learner. Take some of the optional advanced courses. Read the message board every day and ask questions. If you are in a state that requires the NHIE then get the NHIE Manual and Study Guide along with Code Check Complete.

Good Luck and welcome to the message board!

No. How many of these courses have you taken: ?

More than 30 of them or less than 30 of them?


I, too, longed for a comprehensive study guide, but the consensus of opinion on the part of educators is that your knowledge needs to be well-rounded enough to field any question that comes up.

I found this a bit frustrating, especially when taking the state exam and coming across terms that were nowhere to be found in my study materials. In many cases I had to draw from my GC experience or deduce the meaning from the context of the questions.

All you can do is go back and read and study until you know your s***, as Mr. Anderson said.

Code Check books help.

Richard …

If you’ve taken the online course and failed it several times, you obviously do NOT have a good grasp on home inspection components, systems, etc.

Call wherever you took your 1 week to 2 week classroom training course from and ask to set in the next class again. Most trainers have no problem with that.

IF for some strange reason you did NOT go to an onsite home inspection school.

GO …


I did not have to take any classes to get my license (grandfathered in).

I bought (OMG $$$$???) an on line course anyway and blasted through it as a refresher, and I feel it helped a lot to think like the test makers.

If you don’t know this stuff from a previous life (which you do not), it is ridiculous to think you can just pop in here and do this job. NACHI has a wealth of courses and information (This board is not to be considered “education”). It’s just a matter of taking the time and opportunity to this stuff (and for FREE)!

No one has much good to say about State Licensing for HI’s, but all I can say is thank God some incompetent obstetrical is there to keep some credibility to a Home Inspector.

I can split inspectors into two categories:

  • Ones who ask: “What is the fewest number of courses I need to take to…”
  • Ones who ask: “You mean I have access to all these courses and can just keep taking as many as I like?”
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Yes, the course is called “Having many years (preferably decades) of hands-on experience in every aspect of construction”. Without that course, you’re gonna have a difficult time in this business.

Also, a proper understanding of words and language is another one of many essential skills needed to help avoid possible lawsuits.

Google “Coarse” and “Course”.


I have changed my tune from when I first had to fart with that ignorant test. That being said: Man Im glad I had to fart with that ignorant test! You cant learn too much about this business. Lots and lots you need to know.

I took an online start to finish course then came to InterNachi and passed it. For $600 and 6 weeks of time, I learned a lot doing the course. As a student, I’m now taking all the required courses and many supplemental courses: decks, Radon, etc. I haven’t done a paid inspection yet, but with that looming on the horizon, I’m trying to be as prepared as possible.

Maybe my prior career as an architect made the transition easier…