Passing the state test

Howdy to all inspectors across the nation!

          My delema... I took the AHIT course back a few years ago once I finished the  home study/online course   I took the state test and did not pass I think I scored a 91.. I did take the professional course to work for myself.  I kind of got discourage and put it on the shelf for a while.. then got back into it and done it a gain about a year later and still did not pass.. I think I got a 94.. I was suppose to get 120 right out of I think 180 or 150...   I Had called AHIT to see if they could help me I figure I spent 1200 bucks that is the least they could do.. but I never got a response for them.. I tried to email them a few times and nobody seem to really want to help me...   I was surprised I failed really I have been in contruction all my life did bathroom remodels and tile work for years.. I know that does not mean I know it all,, but I thought I would pass.....

So here is the delema… I’m working drivng a truck now for over 2 years 14 hours a day make decent money, but I have no time to myself and I need to get back into my own business. I’m 56 it is hard to find a good paying job… it is hard to start a new career working for someone else… I need to get my own business up and running… any advice from anyone ?

I already paid a good amount of money for the previous course… does anyone know who might be able to help me… I’m not dumb or stupid I’m pretty smart actually. but for some crazy reason can’t pass that state test… I’m fustrated… I need to start my own business so I can have time to do my misssionary work once a year for a month… so I need to have flexibilty and make some good money too. Thanks everyone lord bless John


I recommend signing up for InterNACHI. They have a year long membership for $499 or $49 a month if that works better for you. They have literally hundreds of hours of training you can take. Some of it is online and some is thru NACHITV. Back in December I took the online training provided thru InterNACHI and sailed thru the state exam. They also have a section exam prep questions you can review. Feel free to ask questions on the message board - some answers will require a thick skin but there are dozens of helpful and extremely knowledgeable members and vendors that are always willing to help.

Hope this helps and you can contact me at any time,

John Taylor
Absolute Perfection Home Inspection, LLC

In for a penny, in for a pound. You have already spent your money, so now it is really going to be up to you to pass. Cruel as it seems, AHIT already got their money. If you don’t push for it now, the money is gone. This is a very recent experience for me, so I know the feeling. I was able to pass after studying like mad for three weeks. Here is what made the difference for me. I joined Internachi as an apprentice member, took all of the courses required for membership, and took advantage of the free (to members) state exam practice, over and over again, because you get different questions each time. This is really what made the difference for me. Ben Gromyko has said that the membership here is worth thousands of dollars and he is right, but you really have to work it and keep learning more and better. If you really want this to pay off you will have to follow through and make your business pay off the expenses. After that, you are looking at almost pure profit. Good luck, sir.

It looks like you took the course in 2007 give us a call at 800-441-9411 and we can get you an updated Exam Study Guide. Texas has since changed their exam.


John, if you can’t get more help from AHIT, give me a call. 713-568-8184. Heck, even if you can get more help from them, give me a call.
As far as “more” time on your hands, I don’t think you will have it being a home inspector and starting up your business (not impossible though). Taking a month off is a very long time for a one man operation, but again, not impossible.

Recently found out after failing test AHIT books and course does not prepare you for test. After failing I called and they said you also need to study the National Home Inspector Manuel. Would have been nice to know that before taking and failing test. I studied AHIT materials and took their on site course. Bought all three tools and extra books. Numerous questions/terminology on state exam not covered in their materials. Frustrated but moving on. Hope this helps someone…