Patches in block walls

This home has patches at about 6 feet high all around the house. Most of the patches are circular or close to it. House was built in 1974. Any thoughts on what this might be? The interior walls have been remodeled and don’t show any signs of why the walls have been patched.

There are a few holes that seem to be a specific distance apart. Could it be a block cavity termite application hole? But, that might not explain the lower holes. Don’t you just love being a detective? It might be a good idea to check with the seller and/or the municipal construction office to see if a permit was cut for something…


No info in permits. Termite company is also not aware what it is.

Not a clue and about as sorry of a patch job as one could do.

Holes are made to blow insulation in.

They need good patch man to keep wall from looking like garbage :slight_smile:

See them up here in older homes where owners want to add insulation without ripping open inside walls. Have to agree that the patch job looks like a grade school drop out did it.

Recommend consulting the sellers on this repair work. Poor workmanship patch work might need to be evaluated by a contractor.