"Patent Trolls" at it again, only this time...

Maybe I should buy the patent and give it to the real estate companies for free. :cool: It worked out well the last time I did something similar.

NACHI who? Might get them to take a pause in their support of ASHI.

ASSHI is history. They had a good run, but no budget to do anything. I can multiply their membership numbers by their annual dues in my head. Even www.InspectorOutlet.com and the CMI site each get more traffic. They’re basically a diploma mill at this point, and a small one at that.

Anyway, I think I should buy this patent. I’ll contact them tomorrow.

Free ONLY if they refer NACHI members. Other referrals will cost a license fee of $500 per use. :wink:

Stephen, great minds think alike. :wink:

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Could it be vendors are thier next target.

I think Active Rain might have something to say about that Nate though Kudos for the chest puff .

Heck here is an article I just got off the Inman News link Nick provided that has them quoting Active Rain.
I have been to Active Rain camp and it is a large event.

By the way you will find the link interesting.

I have not bothered to research your site yet however would imagine the SEO juice is from guys getting info for warranties and recall check so bet it is high anyway.

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Yeah OK but you can still learn and use it to help others .

Maybe you just pay guys to worry about that stuff and I am not being mean as many winners learn to delegate that stuff.

I do know you consider your services to be a draw to pull in clients for your users so figured this was just a way learn even more about the draw .