Why would all the wires on one side (left) of a load center have this greenish film while the others on the right side are fine? Could it be that the home originally had wires only on the left only, meaning eventually those on the right will get the greenish film as they age?

Seems like an awful amount of CB’s on the right side to have been added after the ones on the left.

That is what I am thinking, that is why I am puzzled.

Sparky didn’t wash his hands after lunch? (Hot sauce induced corrosion?).

Where is the panel located? Are there chemicals being stored in the same area?
That could be the cause, but I wouldn’t wory too much about it.


Correction: (I just noticed you are Canadian) Poutine Gravy vs Hot sauce! :wink:

Its located in the basement. No chemicals that I could see. Home is 17 years old and appears to be well kept.

Copper turns copper oxide (patina) with moisture.
more likely air flow more or less than the other.