Patio Cover, Make up your mind

WTF was going on here??

I’d say the same architect/builder that designed the fence also designed the patio cover. :slight_smile:

Oh my that is funny Michael. You are quite liberal with the word “design” aren’t you. :mrgreen:

Piece Work Builder?

Excuse me? Please don’t use the word ‘liberal’ and my name in the same sentence. OK, technically they are not in the same sentence but they are pretty darn close together.

power tools alcohol …a wonderful combination…jmo…jim


Brian…I couldn’t help but think of you and your photos above as I inspected a really run-down, roach infested, dilapidated duplex this morning. Only your photos, not you mind you. It was really downhill from these photos!

Oh my that is nasty. Was it occupied???


Yes, and they were even human-like beings. :cool:

This was a 30 year old duplex that had been neglected for 29.5 years I think. The B side was occupied by a tatoo’d Goth that was recently separated and had a 4 year old little girl and 3 pit bulls living there. The little girl was just precious and wanted to talk and ‘help’ which was fine with me. Mom went ballistic on the little girl, smacked her around and generally abused the poor little thing. That’s just after she cussed me up one side and down the other for getting her dishes in the dishwasher wet and covered in roaches. Hell, I though they were dirty dishes to begin with, they reeked. I’ll probably have nightmares about what that poor little girl has to contend with. Mom even told me and my bug-guy that was with me that she really didn’t want the little girl and that she was not a very good mother. Man, this is gonna haunt me, I can tell. The A side was a 300 pound single mom with 3 little kids and just lived in squalor. I came home and jumped in the shower after this one! :frowning:

I hate days like that. :frowning:

Looks like Bob the builder was at work!! :shock:

Did you burn your clothes? Way back when I was a telephone installer, we would encounter homes like the one you inspected. I still remember a little boy sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal as the roaches were going into and out of the cereal box! The roaches liked to nest in the phone ringer, especially wall phones. The infested phones were strapped to the top of the truck and dumped in the dumpster. I know that your skin feels like it is crawling!

Mike, it is always interesting to me to see how some people live. I think we have all had our share of these sad situations by seeing alot of it firsthand. We all feel bad for these children, and it truly makes us appreciate what and who we have. The best you can hope for is that Mom gets her act together and provides a better environment for the little girl. Hope your weekend is better.

I wish guys would stop coming to TN to do inspections ! We can handle it here.
Oh they are not in TN are they lolol Sorry
I just looked at the pictures . One thing they where ready for Christmas with the lights gently hanging from the post. BTW Bugs have to have place to live too.
Now slapping the little girl around i be calling the authorities .

I’d have to go with Wayne’s reporting…:frowning:

Yes, it may come to that. My pest control guy who was with me is an ordained minister and a trained counselor. He chatted with the Mom for a bit and got her calmed down. That’s when she started sharing the “I really didn’t want her and now I don’t know what to do” crap. Funny thing is I have to go back there tomorrow as I left my brand new rechargeable flashlight in the upstairs closet where the scuttle to the attic was located. I may decide to just abandon that flashlight since I bought another new one on the way home this afternoon. Lot’s of internal conflicts on this one. The little one was clean & did not appear to have any marks on her and had a big grin on her face while we were on the front porch and she was showing me some flowers she had picked and I was smelling them. She thought that was pretty cool. She was just being a 4 year old kid but Mom felt she needed to learn boundaries, especially around grown-ups. I don’t really know what she meant by that because the little girl had done absolutely nothing to disrupt me or my inspection. Mom was the one needing help for sure.

Day labor from Mexico

I have had a couple of heart breakers when i did fire inspections and home inspections.
Mostly these kids flock to you because they can sense you are kind , I bet you smiled and said something kind to her , She probably does not get much of that, so she befriended you. As the mother saying the little girl wasn’t wanted i know how that feels as little kid. Mother doesn’t deserve the kid. Hope it works out for her and you, It sounds like you have been touched by a angel ( little girl) And i am not for very religious man. But I care and hate seeing Kids in that situation .