Pau Gasol is the Geico caveman.

Go Nuggets.

F the Thuggets.


I am a big Cavs fan.

I think most people overlooked the Magic & Nuggets.

The reason the Nuggets are so good and Detroit was a 8 seed was the addition of Billips.

I am very nervous about the Cavs because from what I have seen Orlando is the better team.

Lebron is a fabulous talent but the others seem to be on vacation.

The other 3 have a team and at least 2/3 stars. Cleveland has Lebron and 11 guys named larry, curly and moe.

Most want a Lebron Kobie match up!!

But from what I have witnessed it may just be Orlando and Denver.

I Like the Denver team.

What’s the guys name with all the tattoos. He has great energy!!

It would be neat to see him and the Cavs Anderson V. (guy with mop for hair)

Maybe do a contest on the Nuggets, cavs, lakers, magic.

Go Nuggets and go Cavs.

The Bulls did kinda ok with just a guy named…hmmmm I will think of the name and get back to you.

Now the Magic are up 3-1. Tough OT loss. Dwight Howard is an exceptional athlete and I knew after game 1 that Orlando is the better team.

Can some one tell me what a championship feels like. I get the feeling I may never experience one.

Hi Fellas,

I am new to NACHI and have been lurking on the message board for a few weeks (good message board!). I saw the NBA thread and had to jump in.

I am shocked that Orlando is having their way with Cleveland. Dwight Howard is and has always been impressive but I never thought much of their team with the exception of Hedo Turkoglu (who we had his first 3 years out here with the Kings) who is always a tough competitor. Van Gundy is a sketchy coach that I don’t care for much. Remember, Shaq calls him “The Master of Panic”. Anyway, Orlando will win the series and that will be a huge upset and a major cramp in David Stern’s butt because of the ratings.

As for the Nuggets, Billups is the difference maker in that team. A real winner and on-court general. They always had talent with 'Mello and Kenyon but now they actually have a team. I sincerely hope they beat Mrs. Kobe and the other girls on the Laker team. BTW, Pau Gasol looks like the south end of a northbound chimpanzee!:twisted:



Hey John welcome to the board.

It is nice to have some Basketball fans around.

At least the Cavs did not lose the series in there house. James put on quite the show. 1 against 5. I hope it carries over to game 6.

Do you think James could gaurd Howard 1 on 1? Z, Anderson and Wallace can not.

I like the small lineup of James, West, Williams, Gibson and a big. Finally created a mis match for Orlando. I would think Van Gundy has a screw up yet in the series. I like his comparison to Rod Jeremy.

I look forward to watching game 6 of the Denver, LA series.
Go Nuggets.

The Nuggets lost to a Cave Man, priceless.