Paul, Maryland

Hello, all, I was hoping someone could clarify what “…or it’s equivalent” in number 3 below means in Maryland’s HI licensing requirements. Does the Inter NACHI online exam fulfill the testing requirement? I know MD recently approved InterNACHI’s continuing education program. Thanks for your help.

On October 1, 2008, new requirements for obtaining a home inspector license went into effect. Each applicant must:

  1. complete a 72-hour on-site home inspector training course, that is approved by the Commission;
  2. provide evidence of having completed a high school diploma or its equivalent;
  3. provide an examination score report verifying successful completion of the National Home Inspector Examination or its equivalent;
  4. pay a non-refundable application review fee in the amount of $50.00; and
  5. provide proof of general liability insurance in an amount of at least $150,000.

IMO… any “exam” claiming to be an “equivalent” to the NHIE would need to be (at a minimum) proctored to comply.

As for the answer …Don’t be afraid to contact your licensing board.
The only thing that you’ll get on this message board are; personal opinions, personal opinions based on “personal past experiences”.

For example: I was heavily involved {10 + years} in the New Hampshire home inspector’s licensing laws {there were three different laws in 10 years}.
I and other InterNachi members of our State Chapter fought long and hard to get the online InterNachi test included in the state law.
I fought long and hard to get InterNachi courses accepted as “legitimate continuing education” for our state.
{Otherwise it would have been the 80 hour Carson Dunlap course and ALL continuing education would have been Carson Dunlap courses.}
When the final law passed all certified InterNachi members were given “Grandfathered Status” and we received our state license.
Both the National Home Inspectors Examination {NHIE} and our online test were recognized as “equivalent”.
The Home Inspectors Licensing Board was and still is dominated by ASHI members.
As I was recovering from two different heart attacks and heart surgery I could not attend all of the “Board Meetings”.

Sometime during my absence the ASHI members a.k.a. the New Hampshire state licensing board decided that our test was not" equivalent" and they removed the InterNachi online test from the “state requirements”.
So… My best advice to you is to call your Home Inspectors Licensing Board and get the answer directly from them.

If they need a “proctored exam” that is very easy to do. You can show up with your laptop and take the exam in front of them.
Or… You can take the exam in front of another licensed inspector and have a notarized statement verifying that you did have a “proctored exam”.
{When I took the NHIE there were about 30 of us in a room. Each of us had paid $250.00 for the privilege of having “some guy” walk around the room pretending that he was keeping everything on the “up and up”. When I finished the exam they printed out a certificate of completion and handed it to me. The certificate had my picture on it and so I completed a “proctored exam”.}
I hope that this information has been of some use to you.:nachi::nachi: