offers InterNACHI members 1/2 off on pet certification course.

Hmm, confusing.

I don’t allow my clients to bring their pets to inspections. They have plenty of time for that stuff before and after inspection day!

I love the idea of being trained and prepared because the situation will eventually arise were you will be required to deal with your customer’s pets or the pets of the homeowner. Just because we request that our client does not have pets at the home during the inspection process that does not me the home owner will listen to our request.The one thing I have learned in this business is customer do not allows listen to our request as home inspectors and the homeowner are usually less concern about our requests. Given that I know the situation will eventually arise when I am out preforming home inspections I want to be prepared. I also want to look professional which only occurs when you are prepared for the situation you are encountering. I will be taking the course not only to be prepared but I learned a lot of customers really love their pets. When you show customers you understand that bond they have with their pets they will chose you over another inspector. The reason customer make that choice is the understand that a pet certified inspector will include items in their inspection that will effect their pet which in many cases a member of the family. Just a good idea all the way around. I will be taking the course.

You go right on believing mush (pun intended) like that.

If you don’t like my opinion stated above, try this on… I am a dog person. I love dogs. I am a lifelong dog owner, often multiple dogs at the same time. I have no issues with dogs. Ever. Dogs have no issues with me. Ever. I am not afraid of dogs. I handle dogs very well.

As a Professional Inspector, I hold deadfast to my company policy.

Personally, I think you should stop drinking that flavor of Koolaid!

Can’t wait for my “I like your fish” logo and patch. :mrgreen:

Final exam isn’t out for two more weeks. One must be able to “Find Dora”! :wink:

Don’t you mean “Nemo”?.. :wink:

I can’t see Any InterNachi member paying a penny to take this course. But you never know. :roll:

No, I don’t.

Oops… my bad… **DORY **not Dora!

C’mon Chris. You have room on your website for another Logo, don’t you? :razz:

Here’s a little video I made of “Nice Souls I’ve Met” :slight_smile:
Some are my own in the beginning, the rest were on inspections thru time.