Pay as You Go E&O ?

Does anyone have any good leads on "pay as you go E&O insurance? I am a Newbie inspector and don’t want to shell out the 3k or so for insurance yet. I will not mind paying for the year in the future, but for now I am having a hard time just to get my phone to ring! #-o

Greg…I think most insurance companies offer monthly payments.

Allen does, but paying in full sure saves bu-ku bucks.


Just like credit, your going to pay a montly service charge or finance fee. But I understand the tight budget when starting out. Do what you have to do but DONT inspect without insurance for sure. ESPECIALLY if your new. Its not if gonna screw up, its when.

who is Allen?

Hi Greg,

Follow this link to the NACHI Mall section where all the insurers are listed:



Thanks for your answers/help guys. Being a newbie inspector I appreciate the Comradery of NACHI members!


Alan insurance was working on a pay as you go package about two months ago. Dont know if it was finalized yet.