Pay per inspection insurance

Has anyone had good luck with pay per inspection insurance? If so can you suggest a good provider or two?


Ric Walker, CPI

Interesting question. Why would someone need “good luck” with an insurance provider?

Good luck with finding pay per inspection insurance is more what I’m after.

That’s not what you stated in your opening post. I hope your reports are worded more carefully, or you will need Good Luck. :neutral:

Ric, first off as some will chime in, can you please edit your profile so that others may be able to more accurately help you. First, you are either in a state that does or does not have insurance requirements??

With that said, give me a call and I can let you know what I can possible provide you for your needs and financial concerns. I do not have a pay as you go and have yet to find anyone who uses them after all is said and done.

Ric, Allen Insurance use to offer a pay as you go E&O insurance plan. I think you paid for 10 inspections and if you exceeded 10 you could purchase additional inspections, don’t remember if it was one at a time or another lot of 10. Anyway you have to sit down and be honest with yourself and try to estimate how many inspections you’ll have when you first start up and then look at the cost of purchasing the pay as you go or just buying a traditional policy. If you think its going to be real slow then perhaps pay as you go is the way however at some point the pay as you go option becomes more expensive.

The other option is to go with a traditional policy for a year and select company that allows you to make monthly payments. Usually they request a set amount in advance then monthly payments for the balance.

that sounds really interesting i wonder if they have that here in montreal