Pay per inspection

I have said before that Allens pay per inspection program is not worth it and it was a mistake using it. Now that tax time is here, I was forced to realize the value of my mistake. Its not as bad as I thought.

It was $140 dollars more of an expense to start with Allens program and then switch to inspector pro. I calculated the fact that I only had inspector pro for 7 months this year to get that number.

The cash flow out for the year was $900 more by doing it this way. Its not an incredible amount but for a new business its more than I wanted.

If I had stayed with Allen the whole year it would have been about $800 more compared to a year with inspector pro.

The only way it can be beneficial is if you do less than about 45 inspections your first year. However, that doesn’t take into account the inconvenience of having to mail in a piece of paper after every inspection.

I would not use it again. HUGE mistake on my part and I wish someone could have warned me.

What is Allens program

Its a pay per inspection insurance program

I guess I should add that I have Inspector pro. I don’t know how it plays out with other programs.

I still do not understand. Sorry could you post a link? I thought inspector pro had something to do with H.I.P. I guess not

Oh now I understand.
Sorry you got burnt.

Eh. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I just wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. I guess if you only do 30 your first year its worth it but my advice would be plan to do more :cool:

Jusan, as you now realize that plan is for those that do inspections part time or on the side and do not do a big volume. I never used that plan but I did use Allen Ins a few years ago for GL and E&O …they seemed ok, never really had to use them thank god, just for some ins certificates. Then they became to pricel, and I moved on.

One of my old mentors was a chief building inspector in my area for the county. He did some inspections on the weekends and used that program, I believe it came out to like 80 bucks per inspection.


Yes I realize this now. Its not for anyone who plans on doing this full time. Obviously if inspecting is supplemental income, it might be the right plan.

Live and learn my friend. Thanks for the heads-up!