Pay to play

Last week there was a thread about Texas “pay to play”. The news telecast focused on Judge Fite Century 21. The TREC administrator stated there were no complaints or laws being broken. This is further reinforced by a TREC inspector committee member who is on the advertising list. He has been on the inspector committee for a long time and is well aware of the Rules. He would not be paying for this advertising if it were not ethical and legal.

Edited: Have discovered many more direct advertising methods. It seems as long as it is open to all it is not considered unethical .

Would you like to speak to the reporter who did the story?

Yes, if they are interested.

Email me at

I will send you all the contact information for him. Write him and give him this update.

Thanks. Look forward to the contact. Like I said, in Texas its considered advertising. Might be fair if they allow all to do it. However, if they pick and choose that may cross the “preferred vendor” concept.

I agree. Send me your email address.