Paying attention to the decks is critical

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Thank you for the reminder, Simon. I was interviewed by a journalist and on the news for the exact same reason. This was a guardrail collapse, catastrophic failure, leading to the death of 2 individuals and major injuries sustained to another from a third floor poured concrete balcony. A reunion turned deadly.
The bottom of the rough iron guardrails corroded to the point, when leaned on there was catastrophic failure that lead to death and injury. CBC 4 tips to ensure your balcony is safe in wake of Lachine collapse.

Not the best presentation. I did not realize I was to be filmed.

Really, you were talking to the camera. At least you didn’t make this tragedy about you…oh wait you did.

Martin. To be clear, 'this is all about you." So let us stop pretending. OK?

I was ill that day and received a call from the CBC journalist. Not unusual by the way.
I was first inform this was to be a ‘written article’ and if I could help. I was told I would be brought to the newsroom and collaborate an article with a journalist. Due to my illness and caring for Mother, that required 24 hour care, Ivan Mose completed the article. He did a fine job.
I brought my tools and equipment. I went through a mock balcony inspection without any filming. I tired to avoid being on film. The camera was introduced at the end. I was told not to worry I would do fine.
End of story mate…
PS: Grow up.

At least 90 % of the decks that I have inspected needed correction of some sort or another.


Same percentage in my area, Larry.

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I concur and voiced those very percentages during the CBC interview. Ivan concurred somewhat but stated for the record 80% percent of decks or balconies he had inspected required correction of some sort or another. Those are shocking numbers.

…and Realtors get irritated when they see the “no visible flashing at ledger board” comment in probably at least 80% of our reports.


Print the article and hand it over as soon as they exhibit any signs of irritation. As you hand it over tell them: I know you wouldn’t want your client to end up in a similar situation :slight_smile: That usually cures their ignorance and greediness in a jiffy.

While ledger board failure continues to be the most prevalent failure, it appears that this deck failed at the outside posts.


Owner negligence. Very sad indeed. I wonder how many commercial businesses have older decks in need of maintenance? I hope this raises awareness for other business owners and insurance companies.

Even more discouraging, the deck was in an obvious state of disrepair and failure that was easily identifiable by a laymen.
Deck fail


Another deck failure in Malibu, with multiple injuries. I have a deck finding category “Multiple issues observed”, listed as a safety item. It’s amazing how often I use that category, along with half a dozen or more photos of the issues present. Deck issues are definitely an inspection component to pay attention to (along with the rest of the inspection components). Decks are a popular DIY project, completed by individuals not familiar with good construction practices.

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