Good Day,

I am just beginning and should be ready to start in April 14. My question is… when do you charge the client? I have had inspections and appraisals and always paid up front. Is this the norm? I would think so as a client may shop around for a favorable inspection. Your thoughts please.

I collect payment at the inspection, if I don’t get paid, no report is published. I have done the inspection and waited for payment to publish it, I am already there and cant book the slot anyway.

I think most inspectors collect on inspection day, some guys may accept payment early, which is easier for guys that accept credit cards, but I do not.

Thanks Mike… that’s what I had thought but I didn’t want to assume.

no problem

After the inspection is competed, but before report is released.

Most of the time payment comes before the inspection report. Sometimes I’ll do escrow billing. Just make sure they sign an escrow agreement and have 2 other forms of payment on file if it doesnt close, such as check or credit card.

Upon Arrival Before I begin in most cases. Cash or money order only. I do a ton of insuranse inspections and those folks are not the most reliable. With a contract signed and such I give a “tad” more leeway :slight_smile: