payne package unit

I have an older Payne package unit. The condenser fan is mounted on the front of the unit instead of the top.
I am wondering if the fan motor is running backwards or if the fan itself is wrong
The motor and fan are wired and mounted so that air is pulled across the fan and motor to the condenser coil and pushed through the coils and out
Most units I have always seen the air is pulled from the back of the coils through the coils across the motor and out across the fan
The fan is mounted so that the top of the blade is pointing in toward the condenser and motor, bottom part of blade is pointing away from the motor
Is there a way to be sure which way the motor and fan should run and mount.
There is a small vent opening in the top above and behind the condenser it is about 3 " x 24" and then one on the side of the unit behind and across the condenser that is about 18 " 28 ". On the front where the fan is it is roughly 30 x 30
There is about 4-5 " behind the condenser and the wall where the blower motor sets and it seems to me the hot air is being blown aganist the wall which would make it harder to cool the air coming in
I am 40 miles from town and plum back in the sticks so getting an A/C guy out here cost a fortune
Thanks for any info or help