Payroll Services

I’m bringing on a full time employee and looking for a good Payroll company that will handle paychecks and quarterly tax payments. wants $104 a month to send out 4 checks a month 2 to me 2 to my 1 employee plus pay tax payments for me. Is this a good price or is there better out there? Any advise I can get would be greatly appreciated.

I’d try a local payroll company, you may get better service and pricing than a national corp. Its likely easier to have a payroll service than trying it yourself, unless your guys are independent contractors (which may be a benefit if it fits)

Try calling an accounting company, some of them provide that service too. My wife works an an accounting firm, they do my payroll.

get an accountant.

I use Quickbooks online but need to switch. It works great but it’s just still a ton of work.

Intuit (the Quickbooks company) offers a Payroll service with various levels of fees.

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100.00 a month sounds fair.
Stick to what you do best and let others do what they best.
It will be well worth the money. ( 3 or 4 inspections a year)