PB and 4 points

Just wondering if this is considered PB and if it is, what effect does this have as far as 4 point insurance inspections are?

Thank you in advance.

PEX very common.

It looks like PB, I report the plumbing supply and fixture supply differently.

It looks like regular fixture supply line from here. Very common. Thomas, check the piping inside the walls, attic etc… Usually, if the stub outs are plastic, it’s probably PB. And you will definitely know by the markings as well.


We report pb plumbing. As Humberto said, that apears to be common fixture supply lines.


I agree…it appears to be fixture supply line. In my travels, I have seen this grey color supply side fixture pipe marked as PEX and sometime PB. If applicable I pay close attention to the ASTM or any other legible printing on the pipe for ID. Happy New Year !

Thanx gentleman…As always very helpful.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Thomas! And All!

No. That is not pb, and it is only from the stop to the fixture.