PB or Not PB

That is the question. I noted PB piping in the plumbing control panel but am not sure the supply piping to all of the sinks and toilets are PB. Anyone have any insight on this philosophical question of PB or not PB?

PB noted.JPG

Piping 2.JPG

Sure looks like PB to me and I am only half blind:) :slight_smile:

What threw me on the supply is that they are much thinner than what I usually see because of the control system. Thanks. I always say that you can always count on the half blind!:slight_smile: </IMG>

I’m the other blind half and it looks like pb 2 me.

Hey Paul, check out the pb course over in education.

If you see PB anywhere in the house, it is a good bet that it is used inside the walls. Write it down and let them disprove you.