PB pipe?

Hi does anyone identify this section of pipe under the kitchen sink? Does this look like PB pipe to you Thanks?


Thanks a lot John!

It’s the drain stopper tail piece.

Nothing unusual or reportable there.

The question is vague, as there are several “pipes” under the sink.

The tail piece and trap are PE, the drain pipe is PVC, the fixture supply riser is PB, and the actual water distribution pipe isn’t visible enough to see in that photo.

PB fixture risers aren’t an issue.

How did you determine that? How is it different than a piece of it somewhere else? If it acts like a duck, walks like a duck…

Here’s a recent discussion as well…

The pipe in question has the word “Qest” on it. There have been several discussion on this board and the internet regarding this plumbing material. If you do a search it should provide the information you need.

I called for replacement in a home about 6 months ago. The clients agreed and after taking possession had the pipes replaced. At the start of the project, the plumber bumped one of the risers under the kitchen sink while reaching for the main shut off valve. The riser shattered. They were just as bad if not worse than the main distribution piping. PB is PB.

(This was a city water supply that of course uses chlorine but also flouidates the water) Never seen an issue on well water.

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Max; I was wrong. Did not see Quest. Sorry