Pb piping

just told that my water heater and possibly water lines are installed with PB plastic pipes.

I had a government non-profit install the water heater in 2002 they never informed me or replaced the PB plastic piping. Should I inform WACOG agency that they should replace this piping, I am low income and the plumber that noticed the piping says it would costs $1500 or more to replumb. who should I call the county inspector, needless to say the insurance company doesn’t know I have this, so if I have a leak I’m screwed.

Assume nothing!

Get a second opinion. Just because you “may” have PB, doesn’t mean it will actually fail. Eventually, as with all other materials it will wear out, just the way it is.

As for if it actually is PB (and not PEX)… go get the info off of a section of the tubing, and either Google the info, or copy it here. Be sure to get the entire “string” of the printed info. Also, as you are not allowed to post pictures here as a non-member, describe the connectors that the tubing is using… ie… copper, brass, nylon, plastic, zinc, etc…