PDF of current TREC SOP - NOT pocket edition?

I am looking for a PDF of the most current TREC SOP for inspectors other than the pocket edition. I need it to post at my web site.

Thanks in advance.

Good luck! TREC stopped producing them when they went with the bright idea of all WEB based and their little pocket guide. They seem to forget that the PDF form is very handy many times over the WEB based access. IMO the pocket guide is totally useless.

It’s not a .pdf, but at least it’s official and navigable. Texas Administrative Code

Who the hell at TREC decided that we were all going to print and fold little hardcopy booklets to carry around and that there was no need for a device readable version? Are they stuck in the 1980s? The revised TREC website is all but unusable to find information anymore. I go straight to google.

William, I will email you mine when I get home. I have the SOP in pdf and word. I include it in my confirmation/ agreement email since the TREC website is too difficult to navigate. It helps in my effort to set clients expectations of an inspection before I start.

Thanks, everyone, for sending your copies of the SOP along. It’s ridiculous that TREC will go to the trouble to create a Pocket Edition, but not a simple version for desktop browsing searching. Bureaucracy in action! Or is that inaction?

In the past I have had lawyers involved in litigation request a certified copy of the SoP from TREC. There is a small charge. Not sure if TREC does it anymore.

Just the 227 General Provisions?


Thanks for all who have responded. I have what I need.

Would you be able to email it to me as well? first and last name @gmail.com Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Adam, sorry I didn’t see this until now. Email sent.